The MinPins Teach History

(Miniature Pinschers (MinPins) are known in the Dog World as the "King of Toys"
Let us all tell you about the development of the "Perfect Dog"

Where Do MinPins Come From?


Landshark!!Spike says,"MinPin, which is short for Miniature Pinscher, is a breed of dog known as the "King of Toys". Originally from Germany and not to be confused with other Pinscher varieties, MinPins are not miniature dobermans. Although we are called "The King of Toys", and we appreciate our royalty status, (which we deserve), Spike says, "we are more of a working dog as we practice what we were bred for, which is making sure there are no pesky rodents, crawling or flying, intruding on my family's territory or domain." "Furthermore", Spike goes on to say, "most importantly, we take care of our families as we are very loyal companion dogs.  We also want to be the center of attention with everything our family does.


Angel the MinPin, King of Toys Angel's Vision of the First MinPinTo continue your MinPin education, Angel goes on to explain that, "We MinPins are a breed that has been around for over 400 years". "That's 2800 years in "Dog Years", laughs Angel! The Miniature Pinscher is actually a cross breed between a Dachshund and an Italian Greyhound. The Dachsund was selected because of it's tenacious ability to go after things in tight places.  And of course the Italian Greyhound was selected because of it's tremendous speed for a small dog.  Angel says the first MinPin may have looked like this ...


Faith the MinPin, The Queen of theKing of Toys Faith's Vision of the First MinPin Faith goes on to say, by adding the speed and sleek Italian Greyhound physique to the toughness of a Dachsund, you get a great combination.  The Italian Grayhound also has a nice temperment and attitude.  MinPins get their sweetness from them and their toughness from the Dachsund. After more development, the MinPin may have looked like this ... Faith also points out that the first MinPins appeared to have the uncanny ability to stay level while walking up and down stairs.  That could be handy running down hills too, laughs Faith!


Perfect MinPins The technique was finally perfected over all these years to achieve "MinPin Perfection" ... Yes, that's ME, all the MinPins say. We are visions of MinPin puppy beautifulness!! So if you are considering getting a puppy of your own, All the MinPins suggest that you most definitely consider a Miniature Pinscher. You won't find a more loyal pal, handsome or beautiful puppy and perpetual entertainment with any other kind of dog. Built for speed, built for power, built for snuggling and snacking, and of course lots of love for  Mom's and Dad's and all the other kids and family members who love puppies!


Sammi, the Oochuhuahua, an Honorary MinPinSammi says, What about me? I am not a MinPin, I am a proud mexican chihuahua .. the Oochihuahua! Buffy Jo says, "Easy Sammi, chihuahua actually means "honorary MinPin". Yeh says Faith. "So don't worry, you can be one of us. Angel says, Yup! and Teal'c too. He's kind of big, being the World's Largest MinPin and all but he's still an honorary MinPin. After all, we raised him!  Plus, being our big brother, he watches over us.  And he swims good too, cause he is the Swimming Shepherd!  Everyone can see he is a You Tube Star showing off in the pool.


Spike also says, "Don't forget to meet the newest members of our MinPin clan, Be sure to visit Xander, Dawn and Cordelia, the newest MinPins. Being a MinPin is a state of mind, a way of life, a puppy philosophy that means love your family and their snacks too.

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